How to Become a System Administrator


A system administrator is an IT professional who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems, especially multi-user computers, such as servers. System administrators support, troubleshoot, and maintain computer servers and networks, and ensure continuous and optimal performance of IT services and support
To become a system administrator, you need to have a combination of education, skills, and experience in IT and system administration. Some of the steps you can take to follow this career path are:

  • Get a degree or certification in IT or related fields: While not always required, having a degree or certification in IT or related fields can help you gain the foundational knowledge and skills you need to enter the field. You can choose from various programs and courses that cover topics such as computer science, information systems, network administration, cloud computing, cybersecurity, etc.
  • Gain some experience in IT or system administration: To become a system administrator, you need to have some hands-on experience in IT or system administration. You can start by working in entry-level IT roles such as help desk technician, network engineer, software developer, etc. You can also look for internships, volunteer opportunities, or projects that involve system administration-related tasks. You can also participate in online platforms and communities that offer challenges, competitions, and resources for learning and practicing system administration skills.

Earn some specialized certifications in system administration: To advance your career as a system administrator,

you need to demonstrate your expertise and competence in specific areas of system administration. You can earn some specialized certifications that validate your skills and knowledge in various tools,

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